Успешный человек — сочинение

I think that a successful person must have many qualities. And a lot depends on how he is going to achieve success and what success means. I don't want to list the qualities of a prudent person, who wants to achieve their mercantile interests. I call the quality of a successful person with principles and morals. A successful man must be purposeful. He needs to go for their goals and never give up, overcoming all difficulties. A successful person needs to be objective. He should know what talents he has and what where he has no talent. In addition, he must not be shy, because to be successful you need to be able to use your talents at the right moment. A successful person should be sociable and friendly, because if you have a lot of friends, you have someone to help and support on the path to success. You should not shoulder the entire work, together to do something with a friend is always more fun. A successful person must be a learner. He always strives to learn something new, especially when it comes to his business, and he's not afraid to try something new. No preposition previous qualities implies the following it is a responsibility. He can keep his promises and take responsibility for decisions taken by him. Thanks to wthat he has a good reputation and increases hims success. People must love that thing what they do. Because you cannot call a person successful if he hates what he is doing, or at least love what he seeks. And another quality which slightly contradicts the previous assertion is - self-discipline. A successful man is doing his job every day, step by step. I will give an example from my life. If I want to learn a complex piece of music, I study it every day. This is a contradiction. I have to study this work, if I don't want, if I hate to teach study the passages and chords. So you need to love music, but love the passages do is not necessarily