Сочинение английский — сочинение

In my opinion people need to read different books. People cannot do without a huge part of art works, in which characters and events are fictional. If we assume that there will be a single book which is fiction, humanity would be left without many enlightening, funny and sad stories and characters, which are perceived by us as existing. For example children will be deprived of delightful tales by Pushkin of because there is no speaking goldfish. And the children would not understand such a shining example of this morality. This example is taken from childhood, but how many more examples can be taken from adult literature. You need to remember that these books are not only very interesting but also develop their imagination, help to relax and to dream. Also art books play a big role in music. Greatest books inspire composers to create great music. Such musical genres as Opera and ballet do not exist without fictional stories. In addition, some of them are used many times by different composers. One of the popular stories is a tragedy by William Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet". The plot of the tragedy was used by composers such as Charles Gounod, Hector Berlioz, Piotr Tchaikovsky, Sergei Prokofiev and others. As book characters used in other musical genres. Of course composers appeal to historical events. Such as Mussorgsky's Opera Boris Godunov describes historical events, but through the text of the eponymous tragedy by Pushkin. You can cite any example program works and it will be written in a fictional story. Writers and poets who write their works on the really happened facts often change them for the sake of the beauty of the story or talk about the individual characters and not about the history of the entire nation. Needless to say that books that are about real events, real people, and established facts does (do) not rarely contain many contradictions. Even textbooks are arguing about the interpretation of history. Any fact may be subject to doubt.