Мой город — сочинение

I would put up a monument to Poor Liza from Tchaikovsky's opera based on the novel by Pushkin "Queen of Spades". I can even draw a sketch of the monument: a beautiful girl in a long dress, standing knee-deep in water. The monument should stand at the bottom of a river or pond in a city park or on the waterfront, where there is a body of water. Lisa, dressed in black waits and hopes. She is waiting for Herman and sings his aria, one of the most famous in the opera is "Ah, weary, tired I am!" But leaving Lisa Herman alone, he runs into the gambling house. Lisa desperately rushes into the Neva. It was this moment when she lost hope that I would be the culmination captured. This Poor Liza at the time of suicide.
It is important to her expression, with whom she goes to drown.
Let this monument embody the all-all in the world of girls who have been victims of heartless men. Near this monument can gather people decorate Poor Liza flowers, cry and sing sad songs.
I would like to see the monument was made of white marble, despite the fact that her attire was black, it would have represented a flawless character itself. After all, she is bright, clean and innocent Lisa, what we presented Tchaikovsky. She would have shone with its whiteness winter and summer.