Мое мнение — сочинение

I think at the international exhibition as a presentation of Russia and its culture would be good to came painted wooden doll - Matryoshka.
In this doll is an interesting story related to Russia, while the rise of national consciousness, when the society became more insistent to show interest in Russian culture and the arts in particular. In this regard, there was a whole artistic movement known as the "Russian style". Restoration and development of traditional folk peasant toys given special attention. With this purpose in Moscow was opened shop "Children's Education". In this workshop, and the idea to create a Russian wooden dolls, sketches which have been offered professional artist Sergei Malyutin, one of the founders and active promoters of the "Russian style" in the art. His matryoshka was a round-faced peasant girl in an embroidered shirt and apron sundress in a flowery dress holding a black rooster. The idea of creating detachable wooden doll was inspired by SV Malyutin Japanese toy brought from the island of Honshu. It was a figure of good-natured bald old man, sage Fukuramy, which contains several figures, nested one inside the other.
Why Russian wooden matryoshka doll named? This was done by chance. In pre-revolutionary names province Matryona, Matrёsha considered one of the most common female names, which are based on the word "mother." These names are associated with the mother of a numerous family, good health, and the portly figure. Subsequently, it became a household word, and has come to mean lathe detachable colorfully painted wooden product.
But to this day, it remains a symbol of motherhood matryoshka, fertility, as a doll with a large doll family expresses perfectly shaped base of this ancient symbol of human culture.